Conelrad in Boston area

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I was in college in New York's Capital District in the early to mid
'50s--kind of the heyday of ConElRad. In talking with engineers at
various radio stations in that area, I found that they had no
hesitation to freely disclose the frequency and even the power that
their station used for ConElRad. (And I must have talked with at least
five of these guys.) I'm not questioning that the information was
SUPPOSED to be secret, but clearly, NONE of these engineers had any
idea that they were supposed to keep it secret. If they had known,
they would not have disclosed it to a nerdy college student they
barely knew! Perhaps things were different in Boston. And certainly I
never saw anything published about which Capital District stations
were on which ConElRad frequency. All I can tell you is that, around
Albany, the information was not kept secret and until half an hour
ago, I had no idea that it was supposed to be secret.

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>>>You're gonna need Donna to give you a definitive answer and even
> may not have the info.<<
> I'd almost bet Donna doesn't know, because to my almost-certain
> knowledge, the frequency distribution plan was top-secret so as not
> to
> tip off the enemy.  ConElRad's participating stations were, AFAIK,
> ordered to keep their emergency plans secret as well (i.e., whether
> or
> not they'd stay on the air under ConElRad and which frequency they'd
> use).  The whole idea was to cripple the direction-finding
> capability of
> the enemy by placing all AM transmitters which were still on the air
> on
> one of only two frequencies, and I seriously doubt that even the
> too-often-dense government types would have let that information
> become
> public knowledge.
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