Howie returns to WRKO/"network" tomorrow

Don A
Sat Nov 17 02:32:12 EST 2007

From: "Roger Kirk"

> R&R stated that Howie "decided" to return to WRKO.  Sounds more like he 
> was forced to return.

Well, he could've simply stayed home.  No one forced his return.

He could've continued to fight this issue, and eventually get it to the SJC.

So, in that regard I suppose he "chose" to stop the legal fight (which 
certainly could've gone on) and go back to WRKO.

> Personally, I don't know how he can continue to work on the air at RKO 
> without sniping and taking potshots at management at every possible 
> opportunity.  His heart just can be in it.

Ahhh...but now it will now just become part of his "Schtick"....

"Blah blah blah...this place stinks...Management does this/that....they 
treat us like dirt", etc.

His act will likely incorperate a bit of the "lucrative curmudgeon".

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