WODS & WROR Flip To All Christmas

Dale H. Cook radiotest@cox.net
Wed Nov 14 18:38:06 EST 2007

At 06:10 PM 11/14/2007, Garrett Wollman wrote:

>And of course local
>cable gets the single wacko dealer from 30 miles away who bought all
>of eastern Mass. because it was cheap, never mind that nobody is going
>to drive that far to buy from him.

I dunno. The same idea worked for the late Ernie Boch, though we 
didn't have cable when he started TV advertising. He drew buyers from 
considerable distances, though, and I'll bet that Ernie, Jr. does 
too. Papa Ernie started out with one Rambler dealership, and look at 
the size of the automile today, not to mention the Subaru 
distributorship and the radio stations.

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