WODS & WROR Flip To All Christmas

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I guess I can't dispute the point made by John and others.  Maybe the 
various eras have to get specific names rather than the ambiguous 
"oldies" moniker.  After all, everyone knows what the "big band era" 
means, even if swing music is in alarmingly short supply on the 
airwaves since Bill Marlowe went to the turntable in the sky.  The 
"doo-wop era" could be semi-applicable to pre-British Invasion rock 'n' 
roll even if more hits were not doo-wop than were.  Whatever they wind 
up calling it, I guess it's just a dead horse format to most 
programmers at this juncture.

I do wish that Ed and George's WATD Sat. night show had a little more 
signal punch north of Boston.

Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA

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Can it not be argued that "oldies" is a moving target? When I was 
growing up, yes, "oldies" were indeed from the 50s and 60s during the 
70s and 80s. However, now that we're in the 00s, wouldn't "oldies" 
translate to 70s and 80s -- i.e., no more than 30 years ago? 
In other words, "oldies" are a moving window into the past. Or at least 
that's how it has seemed to me over the past 30-something years of 
radio listening. 

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