WDRC-FM oddity

Paul Hopfgarten paul@derrynh.net
Tue Nov 13 19:13:22 EST 2007

Some of the TX are completely unneeded IMHO..

WMLL (96.5FM Bedford NH) has a TX at 94.1 for the West Side of Manchester,
but I frankly don't find anywhere in the 94.1 area that the 96.5 signal is

If the TX wasn't there, WFTN-FM (94.1 FM Franklin NH) would be listenable in
all of Manchester, as interference from WHJY (Providence RI) doesn't begin
until just south of Manchester.

I could even argue their 103.1 TX in Concord is in a coverage area that 96.5
basically blankets, but that TX is somewhat more logical (and once 102.3
flips to //WEEI, may actually show some ratings)

Even WTPL (107.7 Hillsborough NH) has gotten into the TX game with a new
107.1 TX in Concord.

Concord NH is now home to THREE TXs (104.3 TX for 91.1 IN THE SAME COL;
103.1 for 96.5 and 107.1 for 107.7)

Concord, not only NH's State Capital, but now NH's TX Capital!

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

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> Saturday evening, while driving home from Greenfield, I tuned the car
> radio to WDRC-FM in Hartford, 102.9. What I heard was something that
> repeatedly called itself "Hot Country 104.9." I wonder what was
> going on. Unfortunately, I lost the signal before the 10:00 PM legal
>You were hearing W275AS in Greenfield, a translator for 104.9 WYRY
>NH. The FCC is allowing translators all over the place these days.
>Jeff Lehmann
>Hanson, MA

A recent entry among the FCC applications on the Daily Digest was for a
on 96.7 megahertz, W244CF COL Plymouth, MA.  That's one dial position down
WTKK-FM, Boston.  It will operate with 10 watts with a directional antenna
just east 
of route 3 on the Plymouth/Sagamore line.  Now the FCC directional data
that only one radial, zero degrees, which is due north, will get the full
1.000, every other point is a fraction of that.  But the contour map shows
the major
lobe pointed toward the northeast.  In any event, many people headed to the
Cape tuned 
to WTKK may find themselves listening to a bible-thumping preacher for hire!

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