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Mon Nov 12 12:50:53 EST 2007

I was at a get-together in Yarmouth on the Cape last Saturday and noted 
WNSH-1570 with an absolutely huge signal, much stronger than any other 
metro-Boston station above 1030 kHz, even 50 kW WWZN.  I think that 
only 590, 680, 950, and 1030 were stronger.  1360 was the only higher 
end of the dial station in a somewhat-similar signal class, not 
including Cape / nominal Cape stations 1170, 1240, and 1390.  1230's 
fairly strong too, but messed up by 1240 IBOC.

Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA

Dan Strassberg wrote:
I am dumbfounded. I knew that the new signal would not be a 
world-beater, but
even with what I learned from your application about the low antenna 
I am truly surprised at how awful the signal is! (I live in Arlington, 
near the
Lexington line, just north of Route 2. I have a few decent AM radios 
including a
Super Radio III. Based on loudness and background noise, I judge WNSH's 
here to be in the neighborhood of 1.5 mV/m.) The signal sounds roughly
equivalent to WESX's 600 or so watts. (WESX's power is nominally 1 kW, 
but it is
throttled back because of the very efficient half-wave antenna.)
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