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Dale H. Cook
Sun Nov 11 08:28:50 EST 2007

At 07:36 AM 11/11/2007, SteveOrdinetz wrote:

>I have this album.  This was not from the original WMEX, but from 
>the short-lived 1150 reincarnation, circa 1985.

There was also a set of Cruisin' albums released in the early '70s, 
from which this appears to have ripped off its title. These were not 
released by the stations, but by Increase Records (LPs distributed by 
Chess). There was one for each year from 1955 to 1970 and each 
recreated the sound of one Top 40 station in that year. Each had 
music of that year along with a top DJ, complete with the jingles, 
spots and other elements heard on his station in that year. The 
albums were newly created in the studio (not air checks) but included 
original elements such as tapes of original spots. See:

Cruisin' 1961 starred Arnie Ginsburg, who showed up at the recording 
studio with a suitcase full of the noisemakers that he still had, and 
that he had used on Night Train. One of the highlights was Arnie's 
Adventure Car Hop spot. I highly recommend this disk for WMEX fans.

The Cruisin' LPs were re-issued on CD in the '90s. The album on eBay 
is not the Cruisin' 1961 LP, but is, as Steve noted, from the later 
incarnation of the station.

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