More Boston-area brokered-time AMs

Laurence Glavin
Fri Nov 9 13:26:57 EST 2007

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> However, despite having a signal that is much maligned by people who
> mostly don't know what they are talking about, WTTT covers the market fairly
> well day and night.


>The WTTT signal appears to be pretty reliable both day and night 
>within rt 128.
>However, in years past, when I spent more time listening in 
>Downtown Boston, I remember hearing some other station at night 
>behind WTTT battling it out. This was within the COL...all over 
>Boston proper.
>Since WTTT was running a talk format, it was easy to hear during 
the pauses some other station in the background.
>Could/would this be CKOC?

On those occasions when I've been driving in Boston's downtown area
with my radio tuned to 1150 AM, I've gotten equal doses of WTTT and WBZ!
(Time to get a better radio?)  One other source of 1150 interference I've
noticed outside of Boston proper is WRUN-AM, rebroadcasting Albany's WAMC-FM.

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