More Boston-area brokered-time AMs

David Tomm
Thu Nov 8 15:37:19 EST 2007

There was an interesting item in Tom Taylor's newsletter from 
Radio-Info this morning.  He talks about Salem being interested in 
selling off some stations in certain markets, while in others exploring 
the possibility of putting on a Spanish/Christian teaching format.  
With the traditional Christian talk format on 590 and the conservatalk 
on 1150, would they toy with the idea of switching WROL to 
Spanish/Christian?  Or, would they sell it off altogether?  Even groups 
like Salem are looking to slim down their station numbers, and I could 
see them dumping WROL if they got the right price for it and didn't 
want to air a Spanish language religious format.

-Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Nov 8, 2007, at 11:50 AM, Bob Nelson wrote:

>>> WTTT appears to be to be a station that could do
> pretty well with a Progressive talk format.
> Prog. talk fans would be welcome to get any station here at this 
> point, but
> there are night signal issues (and the day signal probably isn't all
> that much either, depending on where one is). WROL 950 would
> be a much better target, if that were to be sold instead.

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