More Boston-area brokered-time AMs

Dan Strassberg
Thu Nov 8 12:46:40 EST 2007

WROL has a phenomenal daytime signal for 5000W but it is a daytimer. When
WROL uses its licensed facilities at night, it doesn't cover much of the
market. Nevertheless, I suspect that Salem considers WROL a keeper because
it makes money, I'm sure, and because Salem owns the transmitter site
outright and does not have to pay rent on it. WTTT may not lose money, but I
doubt whether it makes much. Yes there are signal issues--particularly on
the North Shore at night--but it is a 5 kW full-time signal and it covers a
lot of the market day and night. The WTTT/WAZN site is owned by American
Tower Systems. The rent may not be exhorbitant but it is not zero. Salem
loves to COLLECT rent from stations that diplex from its AM sites, but the
company hates paying rent on sites it doesn't own even more than it loves
collecting rent on those that it does own.

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>> WTTT appears to be to be a station that could do
pretty well with a Progressive talk format.

Prog. talk fans would be welcome to get any station here at this point, but
there are night signal issues (and the day signal probably isn't all
that much either, depending on where one is). WROL 950 would
be a much better target, if that were to be sold instead.

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