You Never Know What You'll Hear On WWZN-AM

Dan Strassberg
Wed Nov 7 20:28:29 EST 2007

WSNR had gone brokered ethnic under Rose City (mostly Russian, I'm told)
several years before Davidson bought it. And, of course, anyone who thinks
Davidson's business plan consists of anything besides selling each hour or
half-hour to the highest bidder who comes along is seriously deluding
himself. Also, as we now have already seen, one would be well advised to
look at any press release forthcoming from Davidson with a thoroughly
jaundiced eye. Still, how else is he going to make money with that turkey? I
think he's going to succeed. The question is, though, how many brokered-time
AM signals can the market support? WEZE, WROL, WBIX, WESX, WJDA, WRCA, WLYN,
WAZN, WWZN, WNTN, WUNR and an excellent chance of WAMG in very short order.
That would make an even dozen unless I've missed one or more, which seems
highly likely to me. And I'm not even trying to count the pirates, which are
on FM as well as AM. Can you say price war?

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When all-sports WWZN-AM 1510 in Boston was purchased by Blackstrap
Broadcasting last spring, their
announced intention was to continue an all-sports format with a greater
focus on local programming.
Cue the end-of-game buzzer: after casually observing the 1510 dial spot, it
appears to me that anything
BUT sports is likely to be the fare.  Recently they added a midnight-to-dawn
"religious" show by an
Elmer Gantry soundalike, "Brother Stair".  Since then, sports programming
has been pre-empted in
mid-morning by something called "Duke and the Doctor", offering "health and
nutrition advice".
And in the evening (I'm not sure when the show begins) the always reliable
and respected personal
advice guru, Roy Masters can be heard.  I do believe the former Sporting
News Radio outlet in
northern New Jersey when this route.  WWZN's website indicates they're still
committed to broadcasting
Harvard and Boston University sports play-by-play.  (The website also
indicates that WWZN is still the
home of North Shore Spirit baseball; um, the "Spirit" gave up the ghost
months ago.) I'll bet
Harvard and B.U. are especially pleased to be associated with such
increasingly bizarre fare!

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