Daytimer sign-offs

Fri Nov 2 12:32:46 EDT 2007

A bunch of different times. New England is WAY too geographically
large for one sunrise time and one sunset time to work for the entire
region. In the immediate Boston area, I think the times (STANDARD
TIME) for sunrise and sunset are 6:45AM and 4:30PM Eastern. But if you
checked (as you can easily do at the FCC Web site--the CDBS data for
every AM that makes operational changes at sunrise and sunset contains
a month-by-month table of sunrise/sunset times for that station), you
could easily find that the times for different communities are
different. Sometimes, the times are different for different stations
licensed to the same community; the geographic coordinates can differ
enough that the average sunrise or sunset times in a particular month
rounded to the nearest quarter hour can work out to be different.
After all, if the average sunset time somewhere is 4:37:29 (rounded to
4:30), you don't have to go very far to find a place where the
corresponding time is 4:37:31 (rounded to 4:45).

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>I know some of you know this like the back of your hand...but what
>time do Daytimers in New England have to sign-off in Novermber?
> Thanks

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