Carr's latest legal moves

Thu Nov 1 09:54:04 EDT 2007

I always though Howie was a perfect example of someone who is "too
clever by half." The more I hear about him, the more convinced I
become that that assessment is correct. All I can say is that his
travails couldn't be happening to a more deserving person. Way to go,
Howie! Keep it up. I hope your shenanigans land you forever in radio
oblivion. (I should be so lucky. He'll be back before we know it; I'm

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> Which is why whoever got the Legislature to pass a ban on noncompete
> clauses needs to get going again -- file an Amicus brief with the
> appellate courts in the Howie Carr case and, if that case doesn't go
> well, seek further legislation.
> <<
>>From what I understand AFTRA got this thru the legislature.
> It appears that Howie is 'persona non grata' with AFTRA these days.
> He was constantly badmouthing the union, and was one of those
> involved in having AFTRA decertified from WRKO & WEEI.
> I don't think the union is going to do much for Howie.

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