sports scenario for 1200 and/or 1430?

David Tomm
Thu May 31 19:32:08 EDT 2007

I know......ESPN Radio Deportes!  It is 24/7 now....

-Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On May 31, 2007, at 11:24 AM, Bob Nelson wrote:

> Interesting possibility: Clear Channel could dump Rumba from the 
> stronger (when the signal improves)
> of their two AMs in town, WKOX 1200, and make it Sports 1200 with a 
> blend of Fox Sports (syndicated
> by CC-allied Premiere, and would be pulled off WEEI overnights) and 
> Sporting News Radio (once
> 1510 dumps it). Similar to WGAM Nashua NH and WKBR Manchester NH.
> They could even have  a pm drive local sports show (just as 900 & 1250 
> do)...
> North Shore Spirit Baseball (which is currently on 1510)
> They can't get the Red Sox...or can they? Perhaps the Spanish language 
> broadcasts (currently on 950)
> Sports said to be a big sell...may not have worked with 1510's anemic 
> signal but maybe on 1200?
> Fox Sports would get a full time affiliate (or mostly FSR with some 
> SNR thrown in) as opposed to
> just overnights.
> 1430 could do: more Spanish (though 1510 will be grabbing some of that 
> audience)...?
> Syndie talk (Premiere talkers like Beck or Dr. Laura? Even prog. 
> talk?) or maybe soul...?

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