sports scenario for 1200 and/or 1430?

Bob Nelson
Thu May 31 12:42:38 EDT 2007

>>How many SPORTS stations do we need, it seems like every small AM in NE is
brokered sports.  What a waste of a powerful signal! (That is if it ever
gets it)

True though keep in mind sports will be exiting 1510. Boston would have 850,
890 (and up in Lowell, 1400) and possibly 1200 OR 1430 at the most. It is
said to be make some decent money often at low cost (I'm talking stations
like 890 here, or the two NH stations, more than WEEI which has a bigger 
payroll)...with 2 or 3 sports signals in many
major cities. 

As for smaller/medium sized markets, it's an easy way for AM stations
to get a desireable demo with "computer in a closet"
programming (see the two NH stations I mentioned...then there's WCAT up
in Burlington VT, the sports signals along the coast of Maine; ESPN
stations in Hartford and New Haven, etc.)

The Hartford/New Haven stations are also running Yankees games. Some
of these other sports-network stations are also running some major or
minor league teams (900/1250 in southern N.H. have the Sox)

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