WALE is Spanish

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My guess is that the WALE Tx location is far enough inside the town limits
of Burrillville that the night signal, which is almost as directional as the
day signal, doesn't cover 80% (or nearly 80%) of Burrillville with an NIF
signal. Given how well WLGZ bombs in at night in these parts, I suspect that
WALE's NIF is in the neighborhood of 30 mV/m. Hence, even though the Tx is
within Burrillville, Burrillville probably doesn't quality as the CoL. It's
even possible that the 5 mV/m DAY signal doesn't cover 80% of Burillville.
The day signal behind the pattern is equivalent to only about 10W (actually
a bit less depending on how you figure it). It is far from obvious to me why
that day pattern is so restrictive in that direction. There was definitely a
need to protect WCAP (and WSUB to the southwest) but I wouldn't think to
that degree. Someone said that the RI 990 predated Leominster on 1000, but
perhaps when the 990 patterns were redesigned 10 or 15 years back, the day
pattern had to be tightened to the northwest to improve protection to

Anyhow, Greenville is allegedly about to get its second high-power AM with a
six-tower array and patterns that throw almost everything to the southeast.
Alex Langer (WBIX, WSRO) was recently granted a CP for 1140 with 27 kW-D/1.2
kW-N. 1140 itself is a lot quieter here than 990 is, so 1.2 kW may cover as
well on 1140 as 5 kW does on 990. OTOH, WBBR, which is first adjacent to
1140, puts a HUGE night signal into RI and southeastern MA. The 1140 station
will send quite a bit of signal to the northwest by day. I wonder if Langer
plans to run it more or less // WSRO. He seems to be making good money with
the brokered Portuguese programming on 650 and the 1140 signal will reach a
lot of Portuguese speakers who probably can't pick up 650.

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> Hi Dan - I think you're correct, the larger town in the area is
> Burrillville, so Tarkin RI must be a small farming community or a suburb?
> On the radio-locator coordinates, you can see the six towers zooming in
> on the satellite map. The arrow shows the xmtr site and the map shows
> the Tarkin town name almost next to it.  Burrilleville is a few miles
> northwest.
> The radio-locator is for "entertainment purposes only" but the WALE
> 990AM city name is "Greenville RI" nothing to do with Providence (except
> for the studio location they had, a store front downtown Providence with
> a street window to watch the live broadcast.)
> Greenville is 11 miles south of Burrillville, so that doesn't make any
> sense and Burrillville is a large town (16,000 people) and Greenville is
> 8,626 population.  Must be the COL nearest to Providence, eh?  Just
> guessing.
> Thanks for the reply.   =Russ
> Dan Strassberg wrote:
> >I can tell you only that in its WLKW days, the official sign-off clearly
> >stated that the transmitter was in Burrellville. The transmitter has
> >moved, although within the last ten years or so one of the six towers WAS
> >moved a hundred feet or thereabouts. So maybe there is an error in to
> >coordinates. Or maybe the boundaries of Burrellville are irregular enough
> >that they encompass land that is closer to the center of another town
> >to the center of Burrellville. Or maybe the town where you think the
> >transmitter is is not an official political subdivision but is in fact a
> >neighborhood of Burrellville. (A Massachusetts example: legally, there is
> >such place as Gleasondale, but you will find Gleasondale on some maps. It
> >a section of Hudson MA, I believe.) I suppose it's possible that the
> >of WLKW didn't know which town the transmitter was in, but since they
> >presumably knew the name of the town to which they paid the real estate
> >taxes, that seems unlikely.
> >
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> >>According to www.radio-locator.com  (search WALE), 990AM is now a
> >>Spanish language broadcaster but currently off the air. License granted
> >>July 9,1999 to Greenville, RI expires in 2014. Last FCC update was
> >>December 29, 2006.  Owned by Cumbre Broadcasting.
> >>
> >>The 50Kw coverage pattern and xmtr site Northwest of Smithfield near
> >>Tarkin, RI (not Burrellville RI) coordinates are shown.  The Google
> >>satellite map zooms in on the six tower array.
> >>
> >>The 2007 RI Media Guide has this listing (the WALE's web site
> >>supermax990am.com doesn't work if they are off the air, however). They
> >>own are two other stations in the market: Latina 100.3 (Middletown) and
> >>Festival Jazz 102.7 (Narragansett Pier):
> >>
> >>WALE Supermax 990 AM
> >>P.O. Box 6443
> >>Providence, RI 02904
> >>Located at 1185 North Main St.
> >>Supermax WKKB Inc.
> >>
> >>General Manager:      Craig Rapoza
> >>Program Director:     Dr. Manolo Pazos
> >>Telephone:          (401) 521-0990
> >>Fax:                     (401) 521-5077
> >>Web site:        www.supermax990am.com
> >>Email:             manolopazos@aol.com
> >>Format:          24 hours in Spanish, Red Sox in Spanish, Targets Ages
> >>34+, news, sports, traffic, weather
> >>Notes:             Sister to WKKB-FM Latina 100.3 and
> >>                WAKX FM 102.7
> >>
> >>Maybe they are getting WALE's xmtr all fixed to fire it up?
> >>
> >>=Russ Butler     songbook2@comcast.net
> >>
> >>
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