"Hometown Tradition" Does NOT Continue At WCCM

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Wed May 16 14:36:38 EDT 2007

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>CNHI is a minority owner (49%)

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> bradfordwood@comcast.net wrote:
> > The deal DID include the radio stations, which are now co-owned by
> > Community Newspaper Holding Co. out of Alabama.
> I thought radio/newspaper cross ownership still was banned? 
> Anyhow, CNHI is known as a company that does things on the cheap. 
> So
> slicing out local news does not surprise me.
Prediction: there will be a heat wave this summer leading to brownouts in
Eastern Massachusetts;  National Grid will ask customers to cut back
their electrical usage (A/C's, fans, etc) and I will be thinking of a 
1,000-watt transmitter on a hill in Haverhill that could be turned off
and nobody would notice.

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