Adventure Car Hop is the Place to Go

Tue May 15 07:20:51 EDT 2007

  Lou wrote:

>We piled into my aunt's station wagon and drove from The North End, way out
>to Saugus.  When we got there, the car-hop-girl came to the car and took our
>orders.  We asked what we were getting for our free record.  She said that
>in order to get the free record, we had to yell, "Woo Woo Ginsburg!"  So, we
>all yelled, "Woo Woo Ginsburg!"
>The car-hop-girl then said that we didn't order the right meal to get the
>free record.  We were feeling a bit ripped-off at that moment, but wanted
>that free record.  So, we ordered the right thing - a Ginsburger, I'd
>imagine.  When the car-hop-girl returned, there was a 45 RPM record packaged
>with our order.

I only went there once as well, sometime around 1962-63.  We had 
relatives living in Wilmington at the time, and I talked my uncle 
(probably made a complete pest of myself) into taking me to ACH.  I 
was aware of WMEX at the time (enough to have heard ACH's catchy 
commercial), but living in the middle of Vermont, the station didn't 
come in well enough to listen very often, therefore I knew nothing 
about the Ginsburger (didn't ever know about it until I bought the 
1961 "Cruisin'" LP in the early 70s) so no free record.  I do recall 
the place being kind of a dump & food being very greasy.  I was 
rather disappointed & never asked to go there again.

Did ACH ever advertise anywhere other than WMEX?  Don't recall 
hearing their ads on WBZ.

Another fast food place of the same era was an Albany-area chain of 
burger stands called Carrols.  Advertised quite heavily on WPTR in 
the mid-ish 60s.  I could probably still sing 2/3 of their jingle 
today.  There was one in Leominster that lasted into the 80s...pretty 
good burgers as I recall.

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