Adventure Car Hop is the Place to Go

Mon May 14 22:57:27 EDT 2007

I was very young at the time, but I have a foggy memory of going to
Adventure Car Hop...

My aunt and cousins came to visit one day and decided to take my mother,
sister and me to Adventure Car Hop to get some lunch and the free record.
We piled into my aunt's station wagon and drove from The North End, way out
to Saugus.  When we got there, the car-hop-girl came to the car and took our
orders.  We asked what we were getting for our free record.  She said that
in order to get the free record, we had to yell, "Woo Woo Ginsburg!"  So, we
all yelled, "Woo Woo Ginsburg!"

The car-hop-girl then said that we didn't order the right meal to get the
free record.  We were feeling a bit ripped-off at that moment, but wanted
that free record.  So, we ordered the right thing - a Ginsburger, I'd
imagine.  When the car-hop-girl returned, there was a 45 RPM record packaged
with our order.  My older sister and cousins quickly took the record from
the order and were extremely disappointed with the record we had received.
Unfortunately, I don't remember what the record was.  But I do remember that
we never went back to Adventure Car Hop.


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I had asked if any of you recalled the Adventure Car Hop Jingle, and 
some of you did.  SO, since I am working on a short article about 
Adventure Car Home and about Arnie Ginsburg, that reminds me:  Sid 
wrote that he went there years ago and "...still have "Beep Beep" by 
the Playmates, which was the "plate" for my Ginsburger.  Did anyone 
else go there, and if so, do you recall what record you got when you 
ordered the Ginsburger?  :-P 

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