The unintentionally ubiquitous Fybush

Chuck Igo
Thu May 10 19:31:33 EDT 2007

scott wrote:
>>This one's for our Maine listeners (hey, Chuck!): tune in to MPBN
Radio's "Maine Things Considered" either today or tomorrow at 5:30 to
hear me being interviewed about the Clear Channel stations up there
being sold to Dean Goodman.<<

didn't catch it in the car as it aired when i had to turn off the vehicle 
and hike out to the lacrosse fields to round up a player from practice.
i did, however, catch the online stream (already posted as of 720pm). 
sounded good - making perfect sense to me about the idea that radio, like 
politics, does better when local.

welcome to Maine, Scott.

oh - for your next appearance on Maine radio - please, please, please - lose 
the flannel shirt?  that might work up in Bill O's part of the northeast 
Kingdom, but it is a bit out of season, what with it being after Patriots' 
Day.  thanks

- -Chuck Igo 

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