Any action on CP for WQTH Claremont NH?

Dan Strassberg
Thu May 10 11:46:54 EDT 2007

If the CP expires without being tolled, Vinikoor will have to apply for a
new CP. I believe I saw an application for a new CP in the FCC actions a
month or so ago, but I won't swear to it. If I'm right, Scott can probably
confirm; if I'm wrong and Scott says so, I'd believe him. Vinikoor bought a
50 kW transmitter for WQTH, put it in a truck, and drove it from Windsor ON
to Claremont with a stop in Rochester NY so that Scott could see it, touch
it, and photograph it. Some photos appeared on Scott's Web site about two
years ago, I think. The transmitter had recently been retired from many
years of outstanding service at the Big 8, CKLW.

The WQTH saga seems to never end. You doubtless know about Vinikoor's
long-running battle with the town in which the WQTH transmitter was to be
located. The case went all the way to the NH Supreme Court and Bob won, but
I gather that the town found new and even more ingenious ways to keep him
from building--such as requiring a tall fence all around the farthest
reaches of the property, which would have cost millions. At that point, he
came up with a new design, a new site, and a new CoL (Claremont). But then
the FCC required him to drastically reduce the night power to protect a
station in Iceland that is scheduled to go dark shortly if it has not
already done so. Why CHTN did not have to protect Iceland but WQTH would is
a complete mystery to me.


Dan Strassberg
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> I notice on radio-locator that the construction permit for WQTH 720
Claremont NH is due to expire on
> June 13. If it expires, can Vinikoor apply for an extension? Bob Vinikoor
had wanted to build
> a 50kW day/50kW Critical hours/ 370 watt night signal originally for
Hanover, but radio-locator
> lists it as Claremont now.
> The map linked to the co-ordinates shows the tower location to be
southwest of Claremont on
> Claremont Rd. (NH Routes 11 and 12), not far from the Connecticut River/VT
> Anyone know if this is still likely to be built?

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