Any action on CP for WQTH Claremont NH?

Bob Nelson
Thu May 10 10:43:06 EDT 2007

I notice on radio-locator that the construction permit for WQTH 720 Claremont NH is due to expire on
June 13. If it expires, can Vinikoor apply for an extension? Bob Vinikoor had wanted to build
a 50kW day/50kW Critical hours/ 370 watt night signal originally for Hanover, but radio-locator
lists it as Claremont now.

The map linked to the co-ordinates shows the tower location to be southwest of Claremont on
Claremont Rd. (NH Routes 11 and 12), not far from the Connecticut River/VT border.

Anyone know if this is still likely to be built?

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