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>The studios were moved to 40 Church St in 1995 after the sale of WSSH-FM
>During the nineties the high accuracy frequency oscillators in use 
>since the RCA installations were replaced with Odetics GPS 
>receivers that provide a 1.4 Mhz
>output. The installation of the GPS system and a new STL system 
>that feeds audio from an equal path using Wood Hill in Andover just 
>about eliminated the phasing
>problems that plagued sychronous operations.

>Chris Hall

You mentioned elsewhere that after the lightning strike in December (December?
A reminder of how warm that month was last year...I haven't seen any lightning
around here so far this spring.) that WLLH/Lawrence went back on at just 250 watts.
During the late winter, when the Lowell and Lawrence towers were in use, if
I drove around parts of Methuen, Lawrence itself and Andover, I got the 
"shortwave effect" that I would normally expect to get on route 110 at
the Methuen/Dracut line or on route 495 at the W. Andover/Tewksbury line.
I believe at least one radio in my home would slowly get distorted and then 
clear very slowly, something that occasionally happens with WBZ-AM at night
when a slight amount of skywave interferes with the groundwave signal.  

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