Mass.Broadcast Hall of Fame [Harold Segal]

Chuck Igo
Sun May 6 07:59:16 EDT 2007

Michael wrote:
>>What a great night at Massasoit.  I hope some of you got the chance to be
I only stayed til the end of the Pinnochio skit, but to summarize:
Jess Cain looks and sounds good.
Rex Trailer, easily the crowd favorite.  Still has all his marbles, sounds
Jordan Rich, Rod Fritz, Laurie Kirby, Robin Young,  Ken Meyer, I'm leaving
names out but it's late.
Great production, a great night. <<

was there any mention or notation of a website for the Hall of Fame?  the 
only notes if found online concerning the events and/or organization 
actually point right back here to boston radio dot org.

and thanks for the update.

- -chuck igo 

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