A fun trivia question

A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Sat May 5 23:26:32 EDT 2007

On 5 May 2007 at 12:50, SonnyDaye1@aol.com wrote:

> The first time I ever HEARD a color broadcast was:
> 1957/58, "WMEX 1510, Color Radio".
> Remember that?
> Mac Richmond was always on top of the latest fad in popularity and
> took advantage of it and promoted it to the hilt. Why NOT color
> RADIO?!! -Sonny Daye

I don't think Mac Richmond invented Color Radio.  WPTR in Albany was 
using the same slogan at about the same time, and I think there were 
probably others.  It was probably a packaged promotion from some 

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