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On 5 May 2007 at 15:03, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> Mac Richmond didn't invent the phrase "color radio" by a longshot. I
> went to college in New York's Capital District from September 1952 to
> May 1956. Around 1954, WTRY Troy was sold to a group from Providence
> RI that already owned WEAN there. WTRY promptly dropped the enormously
> popular and profitable CBS Radio affiliation for
> Albany-Schenectady-Troy and became an independent station. 

Ah, THAT was what happened!  I lived in ALbany at the time, and I 
remember the great network shift of that year.  CBS went from WTRY to 
WROW, ABC went from WROW to WPTR, and Mutual went from WPTR to WOKO, 
which didn't previously have a network affiliation.  The only network 
that stayed put was NBC on WGY.

> Even before
> then, they staged a BIG promotion "WTRY is now broadcasting in Color
> Radio." I think the only new equipment the station bought were some
> new cartridges for the turntables. (I guess they also had to buy kits
> to add the 45-RPM speed to the 33-1/3-78 RPM tables because the Color
> Eadio promotion more-or-less coincided with the record industry shift
> to 45 RPM.) 

I don't remember the Color Radio promotion on WTRY.  I think I wasn't 
listening to the station much at that time after they gave up the CBS 
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