Green martians

Russ Butler
Fri May 4 18:33:31 EDT 2007


/ What was the first time you ever
saw a color telecast?

In my case, I was about fifteen, I think, and it was a telecast of the
weekday afternoon Merv Griffin Show that used to be on Channel 4 in the
mid-'60s.  The set was a brand-new RCA Victor color console that was in one
of the waiting rooms of Henry Heywood Hospital in Gardner.  Someone had
donated it to the hospital.  The thing had quite a number of knobs and
buttons on it, including at least three or four by which one could adjust
the color, but obviously no one on the hospital staff knew what to do with
them.  Poor Merv was as green as a Martian.


That post brings me back to the late-1950's when I was an NBC Page on the legendary 19th floor of The Merchandise Mart in Chicago working The Mike Douglas Show audience with Joe Gallicchio's NBC studio orchestra.  WNBQ-TV was the world's first "all color" station and there were reception reports of him also being a "green Martian!" Those color control knobs were very touchy, or else there **were** a lot of green Martians back then :-)   =Russ Butler

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