The Jibguy's ratings

Brian Vita
Fri May 4 09:37:13 EDT 2007

Eli Polonsky wrote:
>>> From: Aaron Read <>
>> For example, let's say (in a parallel universe) Peter Smyth
>> looks at WJIB and looks at WBOS and decides ... he wants to
>> hire Bob to run WBOS *exactly* like WJIB.   Not just the
>> programming, but also the managerial freedom.
>> Assuming, for a moment, that Bob would take the job...could
>> you pick up WJIB's programming (lack of commercials and all)
>> drop it on WBOS, and still have it work?
More importantly, why, in your hypothetical world, would GM want to run 
essentially a non-profit station that could potentially have a 
parasitical effect (ie. drawing listeners) from one of its other 
stations.  This was essentially the unstated argument over why they blew 
up WSJZ (smooth jazz if you've forgotten).  The theory was that it was 
targeting the same demo as Magic and, particularly in the evening, 
taking their listeners.

Brian Vita

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