The Jibguy's ratings

Eli Polonsky
Thu May 3 20:09:25 EDT 2007

> > From: Aaron Read <>
> To:
> Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 12:30:13 -0400
> Subject: The Jibguy's ratings
> For example, let's say (in a parallel universe) Peter Smyth
> looks at WJIB and looks at WBOS and decides ... he wants to
> hire Bob to run WBOS *exactly* like WJIB.   Not just the
> programming, but also the managerial freedom.
> Assuming, for a moment, that Bob would take the job...could
> you pick up WJIB's programming (lack of commercials and all)
> drop it on WBOS, and still have it work?
> Would the "ban" of commercials be too hindering to justify
> the rent on the Pru anymore?

You're asking if the WJIB programming could work on WBOS
WITHOUT commercials? How would Greater Media make money
from the station without commercials? Major commercial
broadcasting companies like Greater Media are all about
making money! I doubt they would ever want to conduct an
on-air fund drive like Bob did, and they're not about
providing a community service and just raising the funds
to cover expenses without making a significant profit.

Sure, Bob has proved, not only by his fundraising success,
but also by his ratings, that his programming could likely
get fairly decent numbers on such a signal, but a company
like Greater Media would never adopt his fundraising model
and run an (effectively) non-commercial station.


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