The Jibguy's ratings

Roger Kolakowski
Fri May 4 06:37:36 EDT 2007

Good Morning Joe etal...

This is not a defensive rant, just early morning musings...

As Dan mentioned, the agencies that cover their behinds by buying only
ratings are the biggest problem for "good salespeople" and with Arbitron's
18-54 slant, "Adult Standards" (although that description must have slid
some as I listen to WJIB)are not reflected well within these demos.

Additionally, if your station is operating with a .5 rating, and
"profitable" (barely) are you as Owner going to "buy" the ratings so your
"good salesmen" can utilize them in their sales package? Without a book how
do you set/justify your rates? If you resort to "dollar a holler" rates, how
many accounts will that salesperson have to balance to earn a decent

I guess finally, how much can you compensate a "mature salesperson" or
several and still remain profitable? Can you keep up with the Big Boys (or
Girls)to keep these outstanding salespeople?

Musing mode off, all these questions are of course rhetorical and have been
tossed around forever. It takes a special market to solve these issues and I
personally don't think Boston is it.

BTW...I happened to find this page of actual ratings for a number of demos
in my web travels:

I wonder if this market was embargoed after these were posted?


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> On 3 May 2007 at 13:55, Dan Strassberg wrote:
> > Would the demos improve enough to make the audience something a
> > Greater Media sales force could sell to advertisers? No way!
> > Remember, anyone GM would hire to sell WJIB believes the too old
> > crap as much as the agencies do.
> Well, if I were running a station and wanted to appeal to that
> demographic, I'd tell my sales force that it was up to them to get
> ads for that demographic, their jobs depended on being successful at
> it, and that bonuses would be paid to those who did it well.  Good
> advertising people, given the mission, should be able to figure out
> how to do it.  Those who start by deciding it's impossible should be
> encouraged to work somewhere else.
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