1320 Randolph

Bill O'Neill me@billoneill.us
Tue May 1 17:19:32 EDT 2007

"The Zone" WXZO (96.7 Plattsburg)//WEAV (960 Burlington) saying it has 
added WTSJ (1320 Randolph) to the simulcast.  The Randolph 1kW had been 
simulcasting WTSL in the Upper Valley.  Prior to that 1320 simulcast 
1380 in Rutland.  Listeners to the 1320 signal will lose the morning 
show but most of the remainder of the day is the same with WXZO (Glenn 
Beck, Rush) and will gain Hannity. 

1320 does a decent job for a kW. The Greens in that neck of the woods 
are unforgiving to FM signals that lack any appreciable HAAT, but AMers 
like WDEV (550 Waterbury) and WTSJ (whose calls days are likely 
numbered) roll up and over "the gaps" with ease.  I drive a LOT 
throughout Vermont and must say that AMers have bailed me out many a 
time when trying to keep up with a talker conversation, sporting event, etc.

Bill O'Neill

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