Herald: WBCN wooing Dennis, Callahan, "guy talk"?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Wed Mar 28 10:31:05 EST 2007

>>Well, I'd like to think that moving D&C off of WEEI *might* be a 
Good Thing (tm) -- because I can't stand it when they talk about 
anything OTHER than sports

Several people have said they don't like hearing non-sports
stuff (and they may not agree with conservative politics). Their
predecessor in that slot, Don Imus, has done mostly non-sports
of course. I haven't really listened to D&C for awhile so I don't
know how much time they spend they discuss politics/current events.(On the other
hand, Mike Barnicle on WTKK has put it "a sprinkling of sports"
on his show, to quote a WTKK promo...Bob Lobel,
Dan Shaughnessy...

Agreed about the end of the Globe/WEEI boycott.

Yep could be a contract ploy but who knows. WBCN could easily do a guy talk or hot talk format. They could
indeed swipe John & Gerry from WEEI, put on O&A tape delayed, get Tom Leykis' syndie show (as some
"guy talk" stations have done); WFNY in NY is trying out Dennis Miller from CBS-associated Westwood One,
and maybe that would fit...

I know of two former WBCN jocks who have done talk shows: Bradley Jay, who now does fill ins for sister
station WBZ...and the other guy is in the slammer unless he got out by now (Mark Parenteau)

Tai has done talk for WRKO (and music for WFNX and WZLX)...he could do a talk show.

btw the Free FM in NYC runs Leslie Gold "The Radio Chick" formerly of WRKO's Two Chicks Dishing and
her producer, who no doubt does some on air time, is Paul "Butchie" Brennan who used to be on Howie Carr's
show. Free FM in NY also has O&A, Ron and Fez, John and Jeff, Dennis Miller (temp. tryout), etc.
Ron and Fez's show used to be carried here by WTKK overnight while WTKK does carry John & Jeff
(out of LA)

For another sports-related talker who could also do reg. talk, they could get Jimmy Myers.

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