Herald: WBCN wooing Dennis, Callahan, "guy talk"?

John Francini francini@mac.com
Wed Mar 28 07:30:41 EST 2007

Well, I'd like to think that moving D&C off of WEEI *might* be a Good 
Thing (tm) -- because I can't stand it when they talk about anything 
OTHER than sports -- I bet that all WEEI will do is find *another* 
pair of talkers who will talk about all sorts of random crap that I 
really don't care about.  If I cared, I'd be listening to WRKO or 

D&C are actually quite good when they stick to what they know best. 
Once they wander off into the weeds outside the "toy store" of life, 
they show their ignorance and narrow-mindedness -- Callahan 

So go off to WBCN -- a station I don't listen to except for Patriots 
broadcasts anyway, because what passes for "rock" on their playlists 
doesn't deserve the title.

And while they're at it, corporate Entercom should go to corporate 
New York Times, Inc. and do whatever needs to be done -- including 
cash payments, if need be -- to end this stupid boycott that prevents 
Globe columnists like Dan Shaugnessy, Bob Ryan, etc. from appearing 
on WEEI programs.  All this boycott does is make the Globe look 
foolish, provincial, and snotty.


At 3:38 -0500 3/28/07, Bob Nelson wrote:
>It's in the Inside Track, so take it for what it's worth.
>"...rumor in radioland is that struggling rock station WBCN may be 
>trying to woo sports yakkers John Dennis and Gerry Callahan away 
>from WEEI. The broadcast blather has it that parent company CBS may 
>be looking at changing the legendary Boston music station to a 
>sports-talk or the so-called male-talk format...But others in the 
>know say the station could be pursuing WEEI’s top-rated morning men 
>with no plans to change its existing lineup of talk in the morning 
>followed by rock the rest of the day."

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