Radio Theater of the Absurd

John Francini
Wed Mar 21 01:16:11 EST 2007

What a mess.

It is amazing to see what people will do if they Can't Get Their 
Coffee each and every morning Without Fail.  That might explain why, 
here in Nashua, one stretch of Amherst St. (Route 101A) has more than 
10(!) Dunkin' Donuts shops in a 6-mile run between the Everett 
Turnpike and the Wal-Mart in Amherst.  No one needs to make any 
illegal turns, as there's a DD nearly every mile in each direction.

As a non-coffee-drinker, I don't get the fascination with coffee. 
Never have, for over 40 years. It's entirely  random as to whether or 
not a particular outlet will get the right combination of strength, 
flavor notes, aroma, acidity, cream & sugar levels, etc. to make a 
consistent cup of coffee.

Besides, I can't stand the taste of any of it.  If only coffee tasted 
like it smells when it's brewing.

I get my caffeine from Pepsi, which -- especially in canned or 
bottled form -- is extremely consistent.  I know that anywhere in the 
country I go, a can or bottle of Pepsi will taste EXACTLY the same, 
assuming it's not past its' sell-by date.  It's also why when I want 
bottled water I'll get an AquaFina or a Dasani.  Since it's the exact 
same extremely tightly-controlled water that the bottlers use for 
their sodas, it also will have consistent taste anywhere in the 
country.  And this can be a useful thing to remember when you're 
someplace like Orlando, Florida, where even the *bottled spring 
water* down there tastes like it came from a swamp.

I guess my viewpoint is that I don't see why the taste of my daily, 
staple beverage should be an adventure.  There's enough inconsistency 
and variation in the rest of the world. I want my drinks of choice to 
be consistent enough not to have to think about them.

Now back to your Regularly Scheduled Program (already in progress)...

john francini
nashua, nh
John Francini,

"The journey is more important than the destination -- that's part of life.
If you only live for getting to the end, you're almost always disappointed."
                               -- Donald Knuth

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