Radio Theater of the Absurd

Roger Kolakowski
Mon Mar 19 18:12:36 EST 2007

Hey....give an airtime salesman a break will ya?  ;-)

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> Clear Channel's two talk stations here in Maine have, for the past couple
> months, been broadcasting hourly traffic reports --- "From the Dunkin'
> Donuts Iced Coffee Traffic Desk, this is the Maine Traffic Network
> (Hey, would I make this up?)
> As someone who has lived in Maine for thirty-plus years, I find these so
> amusing I chuckle every time I hear them.  WHAT traffic??  As far as I'm
> aware, there are exactly four roads in the whole state where one can
> at-least-somewhat clogged traffic on a more-or-less everyday basis --- the
> Maine Turnpike from Portland south, Route 1 from Portland south, I-295
> Brunswick to Scarborough, and Route 302 from Portland to Windham.  I live
> central Maine; I can get in my car on any given weekday morning, go onto a
> numbered state highway, and perhaps drive a half-hour before I meet
> vehicle.
> Yes, there are occasional construction hangups.  Yes, Route 1 through
> Wiscasset is horrid in the summer.  So are the two bridges in Skowhegan
> during State Fair time.  Nevertheless, I can't help but wonder whether
> Clear Channel functionary in San Antonio decided that because major market
> CC stations have traffic reports, the stations in Maine have to have them,
> too.  It's laughable.
> -Doug

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