WFCR Switches AM Frequencies

Matthew Osborne
Thu Mar 15 15:45:26 EST 2007

On Wed, 14 Mar 2007 02:22:57 Bob Nelson
<> wrote:
> Years ago I went to Niagara Falls (and yes, slowly I
> turned, step by step...) and heard a station from
> the
> Canadian side called CFLZ ("or, if you prefer,
> C-F-L-Zed. C-Falls"). It broadcast from the
> Skylon Tower with traveler's info (91.9 with 8 watts
> ERP). It later moved to 105.1 and the traveler's
> info moved to CJRN 710, according to Wikipedia. But
> we're
> talking a Canadian TIS here, though one that can be
> heard on the US side...
That was one *powerful* TIS station.  After it moved
to 105.1 it must've increased power, because it is
audible all the way to Batavia NY, at least 40 miles
away.  A point of clarification from the email above:
travelers information was broadcast on 105.1 for a few
years in the early part of this decade before moving
to AM 710 where it resides today; it was not a
simultaneous FM frequency move and change to the AM
frequency.  I still remember how surprised I was at
how well 105.1 got out for a TIS, and thought it was a
total waste of a good FM signal.  In my opinion,
moving a music format to 105.1 and the TIS to AM 710
was a very wise move for the people that owned these

                                Matt Osborne
                                Schenectady, NY

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