WFCR Switches AM Frequencies

Bob Nelson
Wed Mar 14 02:22:57 EST 2007

>>Also, I don't think that TIS stations, either on AM or FM,
are allowed to run commercials, though I'm not sure.

Though there are some regular broadcasting stations that have
gone to a "traveler's info" format. Think there's one in Vegas
area and a couple years ago I know that WBNC 1050 in Conway, NH
was running a loop of what to see and do, where to stay and
eat, etc. Sounded like paid ads! But no longer: I looked it up
on radio-locator and it now says "the Valley's Oldies Radio"

Years ago I went to Niagara Falls (and yes, slowly I
turned, step by step...) and heard a station from the
Canadian side called CFLZ ("or, if you prefer,
C-F-L-Zed. C-Falls"). It broadcast from the
Skylon Tower with traveler's info (91.9 with 8 watts
ERP). It later moved to 105.1 and the traveler's
info moved to CJRN 710, according to Wikipedia. But we're
talking a Canadian TIS here, though one that can be
heard on the US side...

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