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Scott Fybush
Wed Mar 14 11:40:26 EST 2007

Dan Strassberg wrote:
> He told me to make the check payable to WJIB. I have done so. Then when it
> came time to address the envelope, I realized that WJIB's Zip code might
> have changed. A lot of Cambridge now seems to have migrated upward by 1000
> Zip codes. This is NOT true of WJIB, however. The address remains WJIB, 443
> Concord Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138 (or at least so says Bob's greeting on
> WJIB's answering machine).

I think Dan meant 100 zip codes (02238), not 1000 (03138, which is in 
the range for Manchester NH) - the USPS web site gives the following as 
acceptable zips for Cambridge:

ZIP Code™ Matches in CAMBRIDGE, MA
02238    (PO BOX)
02239    (UNIQUE)

I know we have at least one postal worker on the list who can probably 
provide more detail on this, but the 021xx/022xx codes are, I believe, 
distributed through the South Station Postal Annex. A big chunk of 
western suburbia that used to be 021xx/022xx was converted to 024xx a 
few years back, when the new postal distribution station in Waltham 
opened. I know Waltham, which was 02154 for street addresses and 02254 
for PO Boxes, got a new range of zips in 02451-02455, and that all the 
Newton 021xx codes became 024xx codes.

I think the 024xx codes had previously been used in Brockton, which is 
now 023xx...


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