WFCR Switches AM Frequencies

Scott Fybush
Tue Mar 13 12:00:21 EST 2007

Sean Smyth wrote:

> But won't most people be tuning into WFCR? They have quite a signal and
> a decent network of translators. Yes, 640 will be fed some alternate
> programming, but not a whole lot. Yes, the programming doesn't cost CC
> anything, but neither did Fox Sports Radio.

The programming on WNNZ will be almost completely separate from WFCR, as 
I understand it. Look at the current schedule of WPNI on - the 
only overlap is Morning Edition from 6-9 AM, and even that will change 
once NPR unveils its new "alternate" morning show this fall.

WFCR's current incarnation appears to be primarily music, plus the 
flagship NPR shows (ME and All Things Considered); WNNZ will be entirely 
news and talk. At least based on the experience of other dual-service 
public broadcasters (like WXXI in Rochester, where I work part-time), a 
news/talk service attracts an audience that is very distinct from, and 
as large as (if not larger than) a mostly-music service.

Particularly given how large its daytime signal footprint will be, it's 
not at all hard to imagine that the news-talk programming on 640 can 
garner the same sort of ratings (a 3 share, if not higher) that we get 
on AM in Rochester. That's several orders of magnitude better than Fox 
Sports Radio is pulling in now.


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