Downloading Internet Radio And TV? Not So Fast

Bill Smith
Mon Mar 12 19:15:14 EST 2007

Verizon Wireless is doing the same thing with Air Card users. No set limit,
just telling users when they pull the plug they used too much bandwidth.

Seems to me a class action suit could be in the making if they tell you
there is no limit but shut you off for downloading too much. 

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> Watch Cable TV for just a little while and if you're a
> Comcast customer you can't miss one of those cute turtle
> commercials for Comcast's highspeed cable service.  But if
> you take them up for this service and start downloading
> all sorts of goodies like internet streaming radio, regular TV,
> movies, Youtube, etc...don't be shocked, shocked if the folks
> at your service provider says "no mas"!  That's the story in
> an article appearing in today's (02/12) Boston Globe in the
> business section:
> adband_providers_tell_big_users/

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