WESX on the move?

Sean Smyth sean.smyth@yahoo.com
Sun Mar 11 22:12:49 EST 2007

Dan Strassberg <dan.strassberg@att.net> wrote:
> As for Marblehead wanting to take the WESX property as open land,
> does
> anybody know whose idea this was originally? The town's or Miller's?
> If it
> was Miller's, especially if he is compensated for the taking (which I
> would
> think he would be), the FCC could accuse him of being less than
> candid in
> his application. In this day and age, I greatly doubt that such a
> finding
> would affect the FCCs judgment of his fitness to be a broadcast
> licensee,
> but it certainly COULD result in his application being tied up in FCC
> paperwork for a long, long, long time.

I really doubt that this was Otto Miller's idea. I doubt that he would
get anywhere near as much coin from selling the land to the town,
whereas a developer likely would shell out much more money for what is
a piece of prime real estate. Having been there quite a few times many
years ago, I can tell you that the views from there at sunset over the
channel/bay/cove/whatever it is there are stellar. Not recalling
exactly how much property is there, I would think that it could get
more than $3.5 million in a private sale if it's a decent-sized lot.

Now, what if Miller transferred ownership of the land from the
broadcasting company to another entity that he owns/controls, and then
that entity evicted WESX. Not exactly playing it straight, but could
the FCC find reason to reject the application?

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