WESX on the move?

Roger Kolakowski rogerkola@aol.com
Sat Mar 10 18:12:07 EST 2007

I guess my question is: can you "abandon" a COL without regard to it's
needs? Where does that work into the process?

The town of Marblehead could do a "land taking" but as a town meeting
government, they don't have the funds available yet, and may not get them in

3.5 million doesn't sound like something I would expect them to pay for
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> I looked at the application. The proposed site is indeed the WLYN site.
> app acknowledges prohibited overlap with WMKI. The night coverage of
> is only a little more than half of the normal minimum of 80% of the CoL.
> is, of course, better than the coverage of Salem from the propsed site,
> which is zero percent at night. The engineer who prepared the application
> does not have an especially good reputation but there is no directional
> antenna design involved in this app, so maybe this job plays to her
> strengths rather than to her weaknesses. One of the mysteries is the
> statement that "the existing site has become unavailable." That was the
> reason I found for why the move is necessary. Usually, applications
> forced moves more completely. I suspect that the existing site really has
> not become unavailable because, if it had, there would be a more complete
> explanation of the reason for its becoming unavailable. As long as the
> station is not being evicted, I don't think the FCC will aceept "the site
> has become unavailable" as an adequate explanation for a proposed move.
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> > >>147 Rear Western Avenue in
> > Lynn
> >
> > That sounds like where WLYN's tower is/was. Go to http://maps.google.com
> and type
> > that address in; click "Hybrid" to see an aerial photo plus street
> It
> > looks like it's behind CAP's Auto Parts and across from the G.E. near
> > Belden Bly bridge over the Saugus River. (WROL down the road from
> >

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