WFCR Switches AM Frequencies

Sean Smyth
Sat Mar 10 11:56:18 EST 2007

David Tomm <> wrote:
> I thought that WPNI ran different NPR programming than WFCR.  As I 
> understood it, 88.5 would run the main programs (Morning Edition, All
> Things Considered, etc.)  along with some local fare while 1430
> carried 
> primarily alternate shows that didn't clear on the FM.  It seems to
> be 
> a waste to run the exact same programming on 88.5 and 1430 since the
> FM 
> signal is far superior throughout all of WPNI's footprint.
> Now that WNNZ will be working with WFCR and the two stations are some
> distance apart, will it be a straight simulcast or will 640 break
> away 
> to run some different shows?
> Also, is Springfield one of the markets Clear Channel is spinning off
> in it's move to go private?  Maybe the LMA of WNNZ will become an 
> outright purchase somewhere down the road..

A donation might be better move (write-off) tax-wise for Clear Channel.

And did WPNI run any commercials? I understood that they didn't. Does
NPR allow affiliates holding commercial licenses or doing what WFCR
does (leasing out a station with a commercial license) to run
commercial advertising?

We won't tell. Get more on shows you hate to love 
(and love to hate): Yahoo! TV's Guilty Pleasures list. 

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