WRKO: Howie who?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Thu Mar 8 13:35:37 EST 2007

Bill wrote:

>>Brilliant.   Why didn't they also offer a live stream of Howie? 
Since Carr was pulled from WVMT (620 Burlington), he was replaced 
with the unremarkable Jerry Doyle Show

Normally they would have but someone had it set to Fox Sports
by mistake. I did find a stream of the show via WNTK in
Newport/New London, NH. I actually suggested that pre-empted
hour of Howie could have been placed on sister station WMKK 93.7

WRKO says that the weekday afternoon games will normally be on
WEEI during the regular season. Note however that this would
pre-empt part of their "Big Show" which does well in the ratings...
though they've done it before. For the record there aren't
many weekday daytime games in reg season--sometimes there are "getaway days"
where they play in the afternoon (a series might be Tue night,
Wed night, then Thu afternoon)...

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