Howie who?

Bob Nelson
Thu Mar 8 13:31:32 EST 2007

Dan wrote:

>>It's good radio and Carr may really not like Finneran, but the whole
thing is basically just a staged publicity stunt. Does anybody not
understand that?

Oh sure, I do and have said as much. But it was kinda odd to see Jason's
email to "WRKO insiders" in which he apologizes to Rush's fans
(who admittedly can still hear him on stations from Providence,
Worcester, and N.H.) but he fails to mention Howie and his fans.
(With WCRN also carrying the Sox, over the air listeners had to
try to strain to pick up WGAN from Portland or maybe WXTK from
the Cape--unless they too had the Sox--and the biggest blunder
was the WRKO webstream set to Fox Sports Radio on the day when
the Herald front cover may have attracted some listeners!)

I went on WRKO's messageboard and said Howie is to WRKO what
David "Big Papi" Ortiz is to the Sox; this is how you
treat your franchise player? :)

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