FCC Rescinds New PSSAs and PSRAs

Roger Kolakowski rogerkola@aol.com
Thu Mar 8 12:42:46 EST 2007

For all you luddites out there like me ;-) Microsoft actually included a
time zone editor on the Operating system CD's or Floppies (remember them? I
still have a full distribution of WIN 95 on Floppies)

In case you can't find your setup CD or want to save some time...try the
link below

I used it to check another patch to see if it had done anything and it
displayed my changes as correct (until the government gets involved again)

If using an unknown patch makes you nervous you can google TZEDIT and
microsoft and you will come up with a page that looks similar to this and
will give you an instant headache:

Looks like the patches work from Win95 to Win2000, but your mileage will
vary, of course...

What is hard to believe is that Microsoft has the answer but won't give it
out because the products are unsupported. Then again I can't buy leaded gas
for my Edsel ;-(


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"Microsoft's online DST chat room - which Microsoft is currently keeping
>   from 6 a.m. PST to 9 p.m. PST to handle customers' questions - is full
>   customers who can't get their DST patches to work. Microsoft support
>   lines are jammed with users with DST problems.
>   "I was requested to call Microsoft support because of my particular
>   problem," Marsh said. "I called Microsoft support. I was 117th in the
>   and was informed the wait was 3 hours. I waited 4 hrs and 45 minutes but
>   one ever picked up. If I hear Microsoft hold music again I think I'll go
>   mad. The bottom line is 'Hello Microsoft! There is a problem!' and we
>   something like 42 hours to figure this out."
> Jeez, it almost sounds worthwhile staying up until 0700 UTC or whatever it
> is Sunday AM.  Or watching C-Span when the Congressional hearings happen.
> Or start an office pool as to when standard time returns this year.
> Wouldn't it just be icing on the cake if WHDH-TV loses the feed to WLVI-TV
> then too?
>      -Ric Werme

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