Daylight Savings time Patches for this weekend

Laurence Glavin
Mon Mar 5 16:14:09 EST 2007

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>Subject: Daylight Savings time Patches for this weekend
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>This should be an interesting weekend or week for the radio and TV
>engineers. As DST is coming early this year, and many of the electronic
>products not to mention Windows based computers have an automatic DST change
>built in for a different change-over date, technicians should be running
>around all week making sure they don't end up with a lost hour assuming
>their "network" feeds move ahead an hour Sunday morning.

>It could be an interesting Sunday, then again, it could be Y2K all over
>"much ado about nothing."
>Don't forget your TIVO, computers and VCR's at home though!

Oh, and another thing:  FCC Public Notice DA 07-938 announces significant
changes in "daytime" AM stations' pre-sunrise and post-sunset power measurements.
(These rules apparently apply to strict daytimers like Boston's WILD-AM 1090,
and full-timers with flea-power at night like WJIB-AM 740 in Cambridge)
Information about these changes has already appeared at's
Boston, Northern New England and Engineering boards, but so far not here
at the website of record.  The FCC's URL for determining the authorized
powers for affected stations as of the start of Daylight Savings Time is:

(Enter station call letters at top...AM Radio is the default choice;
scroll down to 'Submit'; over at right of screen select 'Details';
at bottom of screen click on 'View correspondence'.)

>From some of the comments on radio-info's Engineering board, news about
these changes caught many unawares, with just days to make the requisite 
changes. I can hardly wait for Sunday night.

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