Daylight Savings time Patches for this weekend

Garrett Wollman
Mon Mar 5 10:53:45 EST 2007

<<On Mon, 5 Mar 2007 10:40:01 -0500, "Roger Kolakowski" <> said:

> This should be an interesting weekend or week for the radio and TV
> engineers. As DST is coming early this year, and many of the electronic
> products not to mention Windows based computers have an automatic DST change
> built in for a different change-over date [...]

Well, if they're correctly designed they have a *rule* for the
change-over rather than a specific date (which would have to be
fiddled every year).

To add to the confusion, there's one county in Indiana that moved from
Eastern to Central last year and is moving back to Eastern this
weekend, which they will accomplish by not changing the clocks at
all.  (I pity the poor Windows users there....)


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