Greater Media tries to reach youth...with HD station

Laurence Glavin
Sat Mar 3 15:35:39 EST 2007

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>Anyone notice how many words in the above note are almost out of normal use?

>Now to get my 60's Radio Shack FM car adaptor out to put in the glove
>compartment of my 67 Mustang. ;-)

Speaking of references to bygone technolgies, there was a humorous segment
on today's (03/03) "Weekend Edition/Saturday" on NPR.  From time to time
they read listeners' e-mail, and they intro this segment with a musical piece
featuring clickety-clack sounds behind the instrumental.  A listener
wrote : "what is the PERCUSSION instrument in the background of that jingle?"
The host replied...that isn't a percussion instrument, it's a good old-fashioned
TYPEWRITER.  I surmise the questioner was under 30.

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