Greater Media tries to reach youth...with HD station

Sat Mar 3 11:59:40 EST 2007

Hey now, I still listen to Britpop and shoegazer bands like Ride and others
and I'm almost 42! 
At RAB2007, I attended one of the seminars which talked about the fact that
radio stations were starting to do this with HD and Webcast. 
Anyone interested can go to my blog and read the three entries about RAB: 

Tony Schinella

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Hey kids! Innovative music here from Greater Media and you'll help us
program it! Only trouble is you'll need one of those expensive HD receivers
to hear it. (Wouldn't think of putting it on broadcast)

>>But now the Braintree-based broadcaster is looking to lure the
often-neglected 18-to-24-year-old audience by asking young adults to help
craft a new HD-2 station...about 90 percent of the programming would be
music. The kind of music "commercial radio won't even touch," she said.

One type of music is something called "shoegaze", a "British-inspired" music
where the singers like to look down at their shoes as they perform. No, that
isn't an early April Fools joke.

No word on whether or not GM plans to hand out $200 to each prospective
listeners so they can buy the radio that will actually pick it up.

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